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Having grown to about 85 students and over 200 volunteers, our financial needs are becoming quite sizable and are now approaching $60,000 per year. With the great demand for funding by a myriad of organizations, the dollars available from public and private sources are becoming thinly spread and harder to find.

We are fortunate in the Waterloo Region Track 3 Ski School that out yearly program does not entirely hinge on the generosity of outside forces. Any funding that we do receive is gratefully accepted and put to good use, but our strength and comfort lies in the fact that the efforts of many people in our organization ensure our basic needs are met through the fund raising programs that we run ourselves.

To put our situation in more concrete terms, the cost of running the program is almost $750 per student. Our registration fee for the program  is $200.00, which means that we must raise $550 for each student. Of this $550, approximately $175 comes from grants and donations, leaving $375 to be supplied by our own fund raising efforts. Keeping in mind that our instructors and trainers are all unpaid volunteers, it becomes quite evident that the program would not be affordable if it were not for the volunteer efforts of all those involved.

The thousands of hours of on hill instruction and training needed in our program are admirably covered by 150 plus instructors and assistants. Hundreds of hours of off hill organizing and processing is handled capably by 15-20 off hill volunteers. Hundreds of additional hours are donated by committee members and directors to plan and arrange all of the elements of a complex organization such as ours. As well, hundreds more hours from various volunteers go into running our fund raising programs that are so vital to our continued existence.

Assistance is greatly appreciated in any of these areas and each of us has only so many hours to give in the course of our year. Everyone is doing so because of their desire to make the lives of those around them a more pleasant and rewarding experience and in particular to bring smiles and fun to a disadvantaged child.