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Off hill training session

Date TBA
The day is divided into informative sessions, which provide an overview of our program, information related to various disabilities and helpful tips for our instructors.

On-Hill Training
All new instructors will complete our on hill training for Level One certification. Having completed a season as a level one Instructor you may specialize in a particular piece of equipment or disability.

Chicopee Ski Club Date TBA 

  • Instructive Techniques
  • Use of Adaptive Equipment
  • Instructor Appraisal
  • Specialized techniques and equipment

Regular Program
This runs for an eight week period (conditions permitting) beginning in January. We ski on three nights a week, Monday – Wednesday. Most Instructors teach on just one night but many have such a great time they come out for two or even all three nights.

Special Events
Instructor Appreciation Day
Having completed training, attended special events, turned out each night in the freezing rain, blizzards, etc our instructors (and of course ALL our volunteers) deserve a lot of thanks. This is a day towards the end of the season where we are invited to Caledon Ski Club at a reduced rate just to ski. We meet many new people getting involved with a program like this and during the season as we are all busy with our students we don’t always have the time to get to know each other. This day is the perfect opportunity to just ski with old and new friends.  There is lunch which is included in the ticket. Your ticket is available at the West Hill Lodge through one of the Track 3 Directors.