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Jobs Available

  • Board of Directors / Committees
  • Equipment room assistants
  • Working the Track 3 Reception Room
  •  Ski or Snowboard Instructor

The instructor training program emphasizes safety and awareness of each student’s special needs so that we can encourage the highest level of achievement in the safest of conditions.

In order to become a certified instructor, our volunteers participate in classroom workshops  to learn about the specific needs of the students and their disabilities, as well as on-hill training and evaluation.

Each student is matched with at least one specifically trained ski instructor. Depending on the student’s specific needs, the instructor may have an assistant. Waterloo Region Track 3 Ski School is fully insured.

The training is given entirely free to our volunteers, all we ask of them is enthusiasm and commitment. Instructors were also given the opportunity to attend ski lessons given by the Chicopee Ski School purely for their own advancement and enjoyment.  There are many other perks as an instructor, besides the immense satisfaction:

  • Free skiing for the remainder of the evening at Chicopee after you’ve finished teaching. (This usually gives 1 hour until closing)
  • Ski Lessons by the Chicopee Ski School provided free of charge from 5:30-6:15pm on volunteer night(optional)
  • Community service hours recognized by high school and universities
  • Use of Ski Jackets with Waterloo Region Track 3 Logo.
  • Instructor Appreciation Day
  • Excellent resume material.
  • And most importantly………… FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN!

Fund Raising
Our organization relies upon the generosity of corporate sponsors, service clubs, special events and private donations to fund the program.

Donating and Volunteering
As a result of the continued growth, we have more youngsters on the waiting list than we can accommodate. With our high rate of returning students, we will make a continued effort to train new volunteer instructors and raise funds for special adaptive equipment to meet the needs of our community.

Although providing equipment and training for so many people is costly, the Waterloo Region Track 3 Ski School continues to plan for further growth.

We always welcome new sponsors and volunteers.